This month, we are turning back the clock and taking a deep dive into a design trend that is making a sensational comeback – the modernized concept of retro. Contemporary designers, like those at KPLR, are embracing the vintage style, but with a modern twist, particularly in the realm of kitchen furniture.

The Comeback of Vintage Style

Modern day vintage style furniture is more than just a trend; it’s a design revolution. Our eclectic kitchens are perfect examples of this, transporting you back to the era of old school Hollywood glam while ensuring the everlasting principles of comfort, function, and fun are preserved.

Creating the Retro Vibe

The secret to achieving this delightful blend of past and present lies in our choice of color. The combination of Contessa and sandy nude evokes a nostalgic sense of the 1960s without overwhelming the space. The result is a kitchen that feels both timeless and fresh.

Finishing Touches: Vintage Accents

To complete the retro look, KPLR’s furniture designers have curated vintage accents, such as the iconic mint green fridge and statement pendant lights. These elements provide that essential touch of retro charm without compromising on the necessities of modern life.

In essence, KPLR is here to show that it is possible to achieve a retro style that embraces the best of both worlds: a nostalgic nod to the past combined with the functionality and convenience of the present.

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